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    Merge branch 'dev' into 'master' · 6c741351
    Alan Tse authored
    feat: add configflow support
    See merge request !72
    (cherry picked from commit 82f8944c)
    0e1953b7 feat(alexalogin): add function to close open sessions
    7cfe6452 feat(alexalogin): allow changing of password through data input
    7a01e07c style(alexalogin): align rememberDevice submission with browsers
    6dc3adbe fix(alexalogin): fix bug where prior site ignored
    eb00b0f3 style: reorder logging for resp history
    de9408d0 style: add expiration data for cookie logs
    8278f5d3 fix(alexalogin): fix bug where cookies were not expired and caused login errors
    0a9b1fd5 chore: add bump to ci files
    6f3ec419 docs: correct README and add badge
    2657b568 Merge branch 'configflow' into 'dev'
    5d2be659 chore: update ci to install make
    3141484a Merge branch 'configflow' into 'dev'
    7d73f8f2 chore: remove homeassistant from pipfile
    a7d3f303 fix: fix cyclic import errors
    444e06b6 chore: add gcc for alpine build
    55efe7fd Merge branch 'configflow' into 'dev'
    a9c86b80 chore: add semantic-release for publishing
    c0ff9d52 chore: add git to ci script
    48231aa8 chore: remove pipenv from ci
    528df038 Merge branch 'configflow' into 'dev'
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