Verified Commit f7961b5e authored by Pierre de Lacroix's avatar Pierre de Lacroix
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fix some typespecs

parent 4292a917
......@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@ defmodule MatrixAppService.ClientBehaviour do
@callback client([client_options()]) ::
@callback create_room(Keyword.t()) :: {:ok, String.t()} | Any
@callback create_room(Keyword.t(), client_options()) :: {:ok, String.t()} | Any
@callback create_room(Keyword.t()) :: {:ok, map()} | Any
@callback create_room(Keyword.t(), client_options()) :: {:ok, map()} | Any
@callback create_alias(String.t(), String.t(), client_options()) :: {:ok, String.t()} | Any
@callback send_message(String.t(), String.t(), client_options()) :: {:ok, String.t()} | Any
@callback register() ::
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