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fix Bridge.get_room

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......@@ -153,10 +153,10 @@ defmodule MatrixAppService.BridgeConfig do
def get_room!(id), do: @repo.get!(Room, id)
def get_room_by_local_id(local_id),
do: @repo.get_by(Room, local_id: local_id) || %Room{local_id: local_id}
do: @repo.get_by(Room, local_id: local_id)
def get_room_by_remote_id(remote_id),
do: @repo.get_by(Room, remote_id: remote_id) || %Room{remote_id: remote_id}
do: @repo.get_by(Room, remote_id: remote_id)
@doc """
Creates a room.
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