Commit af27d1fe authored by Alessio Caiazza's avatar Alessio Caiazza 🔴

Add ~"git operations" label to CONTRIBUTING guide

parent 342f1fd5
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ The following contents has to be considered as an extension over [gitlab-ce cont
We have some additional labels plus those defined in [gitlab-ce workflow labels](
- Additional subjects: ~cache, ~executors
- Additional subjects: ~cache, ~executors, ~"git operations"
- OS: ~"os::Linux" ~"os::MacOSX" ~"os:FreeBSD" ~"os::Windows"
- executor: ~"executor::docker" ~"executor::kubernetes" ~"executor::docker\-machine" ~"executor::docker\-machine" ~"executor::shell" ~"executor::parallels" ~"executor::virtualbox"
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