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    Split `make docker` for GitLab Runner Helper · 45cf9f57
    Steve Azzopardi authored
    GitLab Runner helper is built using `make docker` which builds the
    binary, creates a Docker container and extract the files system of that
    container for publishing at a later stage.
    Because of  #3755 we
    have to split this command up so we generate the binaries and the docker
    archive separately since Windows containers cannot be built on Linux systems
    or vice versa.
    We are keeping the binary generation in one command to have both Windows
    and Linux binaries consistent, and built them on a Linux platform where
    `make` is installed. The make command already sets up the $GOPATH,
    dependencies and environment for building the binaries so there is no
    point of duplicating that. Then diverge when building the docker
    containers, since they have to be done on different platforms.  Windows
    does have GNUMake http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/make.htm but
    it's fairly outdated and doesn't seem to work when installing it on
    Windows server 2019.
    Drop support for `USE_PRECOMPILED_IMAGES` since it's just extra
    complexity that is not needed, and it doesn't seem to be used anywhere.
    If the user runs `make helper-docker` and the binaries are already
    present they are not rebuild.
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