Commit 3047c13f authored by Kamil Trzciński's avatar Kamil Trzciński 🔴

Properly escape all paths in bash script

parent cdafca11
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ import (
......@@ -23,17 +24,17 @@ func (b *BashShell) writeCloneCmd(w io.Writer, build *common.Build, projectDir s
io.WriteString(w, "echo Cloning repository...\n")
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("rm -rf %s\n", projectDir))
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("mkdir -p %s\n", projectDir))
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("git clone %s %s\n", build.RepoURL, projectDir))
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("git clone %s %s\n", helpers.ShellEscape(build.RepoURL), projectDir))
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("cd %s\n", projectDir))
func (b *BashShell) writeFetchCmd(w io.Writer, build *common.Build, projectDir string) {
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("if [[ -d %s/.git ]]; then\n", projectDir))
func (b *BashShell) writeFetchCmd(w io.Writer, build *common.Build, projectDir string, gitDir string) {
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("if [[ -d %s ]]; then\n", gitDir))
io.WriteString(w, "echo Fetching changes...\n")
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("cd %s\n", projectDir))
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("git clean -fdx\n"))
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("git reset --hard > /dev/null\n"))
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("git remote set-url origin %s\n", build.RepoURL))
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("git remote set-url origin %s\n", helpers.ShellEscape(build.RepoURL)))
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("git fetch origin\n"))
io.WriteString(w, fmt.Sprintf("else\n"))
b.writeCloneCmd(w, build, projectDir)
......@@ -51,6 +52,7 @@ func (b *BashShell) GenerateScript(build *common.Build, shellType common.ShellTy
projectDir := build.FullProjectDir()
projectDir = helpers.ToSlash(projectDir)
gitDir := filepath.Join(projectDir, ".git")
projectScript := helpers.ShellEscape(build.FullProjectDir() + ".sh")
......@@ -70,7 +72,7 @@ func (b *BashShell) GenerateScript(build *common.Build, shellType common.ShellTy
io.WriteString(w, "\n")
if build.AllowGitFetch {
b.writeFetchCmd(w, build, helpers.ShellEscape(projectDir))
b.writeFetchCmd(w, build, helpers.ShellEscape(projectDir), helpers.ShellEscape(gitDir))
} else {
b.writeCloneCmd(w, build, helpers.ShellEscape(projectDir))
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