Commit 3a9e8477 authored by Kaushal Modi's avatar Kaushal Modi

Fix the WHITE CIRCLE bullet size

This size got too big when I changed the bullet font to Symbola.
parent eb714e95
......@@ -1008,6 +1008,8 @@ ul li {
ul li::before {
font-family: var(--symbola);
font-size: 0.7em;
margin-top: 0.35em;
content: '○'; /* To get bullets similar to list-style-type: circle; Unicode 0x25cb WHITE CIRCLE */
/* content: '•'; /\* For a round bullet; Unicode 0x2022 BULLET *\/ */
/* content: '■'; /\* For a square bullet; Unicode 0x25a0 BLACK SQUARE *\/ */
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