Commit 006de556 authored by Kaushal Modi's avatar Kaushal Modi

Use series .Title instead of the series name verbatim

Useful if the title is set differently in a series'
parent 58f7a0da
......@@ -31,10 +31,10 @@
<a href="#" id="series"></a>
This is a post in the
{{ if $series_page_empty_content }}
<b class="p-category">{{ $series_name }}</b>
<b class="p-category">{{ $series_page.Title }}</b>
{{ else }}
<!-- Link to the series landing page only if it has non-empty .Content. -->
<a href="{{ $series_page.Permalink }}"><b class="p-category">{{ $series_name }}</b></a>
<a href="{{ $series_page.Permalink }}"><b class="p-category">{{ $series_page.Title }}</b></a>
{{ end }}
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