Commit fe6274be authored by Kathryn Elliott's avatar Kathryn Elliott

Separate out the coherence calculation.

parent fbb9192a
......@@ -277,6 +277,16 @@ class TopicModel:
return((max_n, max_model))
def calculate_coherence_models(self):
self._coherence_models = {}
# Documentation for these parameters:
for topic_number, max_topic in self._topics_generator():"Calulating coherence model for {0}.".format(topic_number))
self._coherence_models[topic_number] = CoherenceModel(model = self._models[topic_number], texts = self._corpus, dictionary = self._dictionary, coherence='c_v')"Topic coherence: {0}".format(self._coherence_models[topic_number].get_coherence()))
def export_topics_per_documents(self, topic_id):
fields = ["topic_id", "document_id", "probability"]
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