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This is _very_ much a work in progress repository. I am a Masters of
Research (MRes) student in the department of Sociology at Macquarie
University in Australia. For my thesis project I am examining the
use of the word _natural_ to describe food in supermarket narratives
in Australia.
For this project I am using computational linguistics and machine
University in Australia. For my thesis project I am using machine
learning to analyse magazine texts, meaning my thesis has a
significant technical component.
......@@ -19,13 +15,8 @@ Following the principles of reproducible research set out by Marwick
## gensim
I am using topic modelling in my thesis and in particular the tool
`gensim`. This is what I am currently working on - my current work,
which is _not complete_, can be found in the `/gensim/gensim-tutorial`
In addition to the requirements listed in `requirements.txt`, to run
these scripts you will need to download the spaCy `en` language model.
Instructions can be found here:
`gensim`. This work, which is still in progress, can be found in
the `/gensim/gensim-tutorial` directory.
## spaCy
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