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#Feedback game - Authentic relation games
##introduced by Ragner (Bodhis dad) in kanthaus 26/10/17
- form groups of 3 to 5 ppl
in the groups:
- everybody gives positive feedback/compliments to one person in turns,
ex. “Hanna, I think you are really good at communicating how you feel and need without making me feel blamed or pressured to react to it”
- after the round of compliments the person in the spotlight describes whatever they find difficult in life,
ex. “I find it very difficult to stay focused and finish projects I start”
- everybody gives negative feedback to the person in the spotlight on turns,
ex. “Hanna, I find it a bit difficult to handle the way you talk and move around because it, to me, is in a very hectic way, so it becomes stressful for me to work with you”
- the games continues until everybody in the group have been in the spotlight
to keep in mind:
- avoid to use “always” and “never”
- it is personal perspectives and opinions, not objectives truths, so frame it in that way by using phrases like “..I think...”, “...from my perspective..”, “ me..”, “..I feel...”
notes by Cille
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# Services used by Kanthaus
## as of 2018-01-09
- Name: Slack
- URL:
- We use it for: chat, image sharing
- Description: Slack is a leading chat application for (business) teams. It allows public and private channels as well as open and private 'group' chats. It has a wide array of bots and apps that can be integrated as well.
- Usage: high
- Users: many
- License: proprietary
- Multi-platform: true
- Multi-device: true
- Development status: active
- Name: GitLab
- URL:
- We use it for: storing public and private files, issue tracking
- Description: We have a Kanthaus organization with Kanthaus-public and Kanthaus-private repositories. We use the public one for things that have no reason to be hidden but are not suitable to be shown on the website (e.g. they are still drafts.) We use the private one for things which have sensitive data such as personal contact information or quotes we don't have permission to publish. We also use the private one to track issues (tasks.)
- Usage: high
- Users: some
- License: MIT
- Multi-platform
- Name: GitHub
- URL:
- We use it for: hosting our website
- Usage: high
- Users: few
- License: proprietary
- Name: Nextcloud
- URL:
- We use it for: calendar
- Usage: medium
- Users: few
- License: AGPL3
- Name: ukuvota
- URL:
- We use it for: decision-making
- Usage: medium
- Users: some
- License: CC0
- Name: etherpad
- URL: or or ...
- We use it for: rapid, collective texts
- Usage: high
- Users: many
- License: Apache
- Name: Confluence
- URL:
- We use it for: wiki, file storage
- Usage: low
- Users: few
- License: proprietary
- Name: Zoho
- URL:
- We use it for: email
- Usage: medium
- Users: few
- License: proprietary
# Erste Ideen für ein Straßenfest in der Ostvorstadt, Wurzen
### Warum:
Ein Straßenfest in der Ostvorstadt in Wurzen. Wäre das nicht etwas? Gerade, wenn es wieder wärmer wird bei uns wäre es doch toll, die Menschen mal zusammenzubringen und gemeinsam ein Fest zu feiern. Jeder bringt sich mit ein und alle lernen sich besser kennen.
Hast du Lust mit zu organisieren?
- 5.Mai 2018,
### Wie:
- Demo anmelden:
für ein gutes, nachbarschaftliches Miteinander in Wurzen, Mittel: Straßenfest in der Ostvorstadt, Ort: Kantstraße und anliegenden Straßen - sprerren lassen
### Organisation:
- Menschen aus dem Stradtteil fragen, ob sie Lust haben mit zu organisieren
- ca. 2 Orgatreffen zu machen. Die Initiatoren sollten nicht nur das kanthaus sein.
### Inhaltliches:
- Musik - Liveband(s) finden, Kennt jemand eine Band?, Essen mitbringen,
Bierzeltgarnituren organisieren,
Getränke sponsoring anfragen,
Vorführungen (Puppentheater, Clowns, lokale Vereine,
- HWR-Leute Stand und Informationsveranstaltung??
- Orsina und Tafel machen was??
- Tipps:
- DRK - Jugend, Ehrenamt,
- haben die vllt so was, wie nen Partykoffer oder Veranstaltungsausrüstung mit Kinderbespaßung?
- Apotheke kantstraße mit einbinden?
Anprechpartnerin bis jetzt: Laurina @
Auf einen frohen Frühling!
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# Waste
### Pfand (Refund)
- Aluminium and glass drink containers with the [mehrweg or einweg pfand logo]( and corresponding plastic crates.
- Collect in crates or tarp-bags under the kitchen sink, store crates/bags in the basement.
- Periodically take material to Pfand point at nearby supermarket and deposit cash in communal box.
### Papier (Paper)
- Also card and cardboard. Material should be clean, otherwise put in Restmüll.
- Collect in tarp-bag under the kitchen sink, empty bag into blue bin.
- The blue bin gets collected every fourth Monday, check [Nextcloud calendar]( or [service provider]( for dates.
### Glas(s)
- ontainer
- N.b. Broken glass from products like drinking glasses, mirrors, vases, etc should be put into
### Verpackung (Other packaging)
- For most packaging:
- Gelbe Säcke
### Biomüll (Organic waste)
### Restmüll (General waste)
### Sperrmüll (Product waste)
# Keep this door closed in winter to keep the warmth in!
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