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# Recommendations
_Kanthaus can seem like a complicated place if you're new here! The following entries are information from and preferences of real people, however they are not [Collective Agreements](—if you have resistance towards an entry you are warmly invited to communicate with the writer. Feel welcome to write recommendations, but try to frame them as invitations and make sure to include your name and the date at the end! - Doug, 2017-10-03._
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### Cleaning principles 
Top to bottom, back to front and cleaner to dirtier. Can help save soap/time/effort/life-force - Doug, 2017-10-03.

### Regarding the Power Hour
The kitchen takes more time than anyone expects... it makes sense for 1/2 people to start on it from the beginning of the PowHou - Doug, 2017-10-03.

### One Cup Policy
If you're happy to drink out of the same cup/glass, please do — it saves a lot of cleaning effort. There's a shelf for storing personal cups (and other eating items) in the kitchen - Doug, 2017-10-03.
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### One Window Policy
Please make sure that at least one window in every room can be immediately and fully opened by not placing items on the window ledge - Doug, 2017-10-03.

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### Teflon
It likes wood and plastic; it hates are ceramic, glass and metal. Please do not use metal cutlery/utensils in Teflon-coated items or store ceramic objects in them in order to keep them non-stick and reduce the risk chemicals bleeding into your food - Doug, 2017-10-03.

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### Use a lid when cooking
Food cook faster, less gas it burned and less moisture goes into the air - Doug, 2017-10-03.

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### nameStuffWithoutSpaces
Having spaces in file names or folder names introduces certain technical issues. If you want to name a folder about dogs you could do "aFolderAboutDogs", "a_folder_about_dogs", "a-folder-about-dogs" or simply "dogs" - Doug, 2017-12-30
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### Let air in and humidity out
Winter is coming and we still don't have heating. As long as this is the case we need to frequently open the windows: at least 10 times a day for 1-2 minutes. And don't forget to air the rooms again before you go to bed! If you're afraid of the cold just think of Matthias' words of wisdom: "The warmth is stored in the objects, not in the air." - Janina 2017-11-12

### How to make tea
Always make use of all the hot water and don't just let it cool down again, please. Look for teapots _before_ deciding how much water is needed and check if the teabag inside actually has any flavor left. - Janina 2017-11-12

### Food preferences
We have vegans, vegetarians and freegans around, which means that there are all kinds of food. The fridge is the place for animal products and the cabin next to the window is for vegan stuff. All the other shelves and compartments should be labeld or filled with self-explanatory things. If in doubt, ask! - Janina 2017-11-12

### How to flush a toilet
Should be easy but there are some things to keep in mind: 1. Water is expensive so please use as little water as possible! 2. You need to push up the handles of the over-head water reservoirs to stop the water from flowing, so please do so! 3. There are containers behind the toilets because the clean water flowing in to fill up the reservoirs again after flushing leaks a bit. Please have a look and empty them once in a while to keep them from overflowing.
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### Useful questions
To ask yourself or bring up during evaluation sessions includes:
- How do you prefer to receive critical feedback?
- What project-work do you imagine doing for Kanthaus, Wurzen or elsewhere?
- What do you see as your strengths?
- What do you see as your allowable weaknesses?
- Do you have allergies, dietary requirements or medical conditions you want to tell us about?
- Doug, 2017-12-30