Commit 239b1393 authored by g0t mi1k's avatar g0t mi1k

Add symlink to laudanum

parent 42ce8c6b
webshells (1.1+kali5) kali-dev; urgency=medium
* Add symlink to laudanum
-- Ben Wilson <[email protected]> Fri, 21 Jun 2019 19:51:22 +0100
webshells (1.1+kali4) kali-dev; urgency=medium
* Update helper-script
# Make symbolic links to folders containing other webshells
if [ -d /usr/share/laudanum ]; then ln -sf /usr/share/laudanum /usr/share/webshells/laudanum; fi
# Remove the directory symlinks made by postinst
if [ -e /usr/share/webshells/laudanum ]; then rm -rf /usr/share/webshells/laudanum; fi
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