Commit 00bfed5c authored by g0t mi1k's avatar g0t mi1k

Switch helper-script format

parent 8a55edcb
webshells (1.1+kali3) kali-dev; urgency=medium
* Switch helper-script format
-- Ben Wilson <[email protected]> Tue, 11 Jun 2019 16:12:56 +0100
webshells (1.1+kali2) kali-dev; urgency=medium
* Fix helper-script
kali_treecd "/usr/share/webshells" "webshells"
webshells() {
kali_treecd "/usr/share/webshells" "webshells"
debian/helper-script/ etc/profile.d/
debian/helper-script/webshells usr/bin/
asp usr/share/webshells/
aspx usr/share/webshells/
cfm usr/share/webshells/
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