Commit 2d62ef0b authored by Devon Kearns's avatar Devon Kearns

Fixed typos in the patch

parent 061bb5a0
......@@ -11,10 +11,10 @@ Patched the main script to look directly to /usr/share/urlcrazy for its other mo
-require 'homophones.rb'
-require 'country.rb'
+require '/usr/share/urlcrazy/inflector.rb'
+require 'usr/share/urlcrazy/tld.rb'
+require 'usr/share/urlcrazy/common-misspellings.rb'
+require 'usr/share/urlcrazy/homophones.rb'
+require 'usr/share/urlcrazy/country.rb'
+require '/usr/share/urlcrazy/tld.rb'
+require '/usr/share/urlcrazy/common-misspellings.rb'
+require '/usr/share/urlcrazy/homophones.rb'
+require '/usr/share/urlcrazy/country.rb'
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