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This is the scanner module for the Open Vulnerability Assessment System

For more information, please refer to the OpenVAS website available at

Please see the file COPYING for the license information.

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Please refer to the instructions provided in the file INSTALL if you want to
install and configure openvas-scanner. If you are not familiar or comfortable
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with building from source code, we recommend that you use a install package or use
a prepared virtual machine. Information regarding available binary packages 
and virtual machines is available from the download area of the OpenVAS website.
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Note that you will need the openvas-libraries modules to compile
openvas-scanner. Further information about these modules is available
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from the OpenVAS website as well.

If you have any question or suggestions, please feel free to use the mailing
list and the IRC chat to contact the OpenVAS developers.

Please use the OpenVAS bug tracker located at to report