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Nmap is released under a custom license, which is based on (but not compatible
with) GPLv2. The Nmap license allows free usage by end users, and we also offer
a commercial license for companies that wish to redistribute Nmap technology
with their products. See [Nmap Copyright and Licensing](
for full details.

The latest version of this software as well as binary installers for Windows,
macOS, and Linux (RPM) are available from

Full documentation is also available
[on the website](

Questions and suggestions may be sent to
[the Nmap-dev mailing list](

Ideally, you should be able to just type:

    make install

For far more in-depth compilation, installation, and removal notes, read the
[Nmap Install Guide]( on

Using Nmap
Nmap has a lot of features, but getting started is as easy as running `nmap`. Running `nmap` without any parameters will give a helpful
list of the most common options, which are discussed in depth in [the man
page]( Users who prefer a graphical interface
can use the included [Zenmap front-end](

Information about filing bug reports and contributing to the Nmap project can
be found in the [HACKING](HACKING) and [](