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Update desktop directories spanish translation

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[Desktop Entry]
Name=• Web Application Proxies
Name[fr]=• Procurations des WebApp
Name[es]=• Aplicaciones Proxy
Name[es]=• Proxies de Aplicaciones Web
Name[hr]=• Web Proxy
Name[de]=• Webapplikations-Proxies
Name[it]=• Proxy Applicazioni Web
[Desktop Entry]
Name=03 - Web Application Analysis
Name[fr]=03 - Applications Web
Name[es]=03 - Aplicaciones Web
Name[es]=03 - Análisis de Aplicaciones Web
Name[hr]=03 - Web Aplikacije
Name[de]=03 - Webapplikationen
Name[it]=03 - Applicazioni Web
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• Passing the Hash tools
Name[es]=• Herramientas de Hash
Name[zh_CN]=• 哈希工具集
Name[zh_HK]=• 哈希工具集
Name[zh_TW]=• 哈希工具集
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• Password Profiling & Wordlists
Name[es]=• Generadores de Contraseñas y Diccionarios
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• Other Wireless Tools
Name[fr]=• Autres Outils Sans Fil
Name[es]=• Otras Herramientas Inalámbricas
Name[zh_CN]=• 其它无线工具
Name[zh_HK]=• 其它無線工具
Name[zh_TW]=• 其它無線工具
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• Software Defined Radio
Name[es]=• Radio Definida por Software
Name[zh_CN]=• 软件无线电
Name[zh_HK]=• 软件无线电
Name[zh_TW]=• 软件无线电
[Desktop Entry]
Name=07 - Reverse Engineering
Name[fr]=07 - L'ingénierie Inverse
Name[es]=07 - Ingeniería Reversa
Name[es]=07 - Ingeniería Inversa
Name[hr]=07 - Obrnuti Inzenjering
Name[de]=07 - Reverse Engineering
Name[it]=07 - Ingegneria Inversa
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• Network Sniffers
Name[fr]=• Renifleurs de Réseau
Name[es]=• Husmeando Redes
Name[es]=• Sniffers de Red
Name[hr]=• Mrezni Sniferi
Name[de]=• Netzwerksniffer
Name[it]=• Sniffer di Rete
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• Spoofing and MITM
Name[fr]=• Usurpation Réseau
Name[es]=• Envenenamiento de Redes
Name[es]=• Spoofing y MITM
Name[hr]=• Spoofing
Name[de]=• Spoofing
Name[it]=• Spoofing
[Desktop Entry]
Name=09 - Sniffing & Spoofing
Name[fr]=09 - Renifler et l'Usurpation
Name[es]=09 - Husmeando/Envenenando
Name[es]=09 - Sniffing & Spoofing
Name[hr]=09 - Sniffing & Spoofing
Name[de]=09 - Sniffing & Spoofing
Name[it]=09 - Sniffing e Spoofing
[Desktop Entry]
Name=10 - Post Exploitation
Name[fr]=10 - Maintien de l'Accès
Name[es]=10 - Manteniendo Acceso
Name[es]=10 - Post Exploitación
Name[hr]=10 - Odrzavanje Pristupa
Name[de]=10 - Zugang etablieren
Name[it]=10 - Mantenimento dell'Accesso
[Desktop Entry]
Name=• Sleuth Kit Suite
Name[fr]=• Suites Criminalistique
Name[es]=• Suite de Forensia
Name[es]=• Kits de forensia
Name[hr]=• Forenzicki Paketi
Name[de]=• Forensik-Werkzeugsammlungen
Name[it]=• Suite Forensi
[Desktop Entry]
Name=11 - Forensics
Name[fr]=11 - Criminalistique
Name[es]=11 - Forensia
Name[es]=11 - Análisis forense
Name[hr]=11 - Forenzika
Name[de]=11 - Forensik
Name[it]=11 - Analisi Forense
[Desktop Entry]
Name=13 - Social Engineering Tools
Name[es]=13 - Herramientas de Ingeniería Social
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ Name=Usual Applications
Name[fr]=Applications habituelles
Name[es]=Aplicationes habituales
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