Commit f4f8d972 authored by g0tmi1k's avatar g0tmi1k

Add beef-xss-stop

parent bef66a9b
*.pem usr/share/beef-xss/
.bundle usr/share/beef-xss/
Gemfile* usr/share/beef-xss/
beef usr/share/beef-xss/
config.yaml etc/beef-xss/
arerules usr/share/beef-xss/
beef usr/share/beef-xss/
core usr/share/beef-xss/
debian/scripts/beef-xss usr/bin/
extensions usr/share/beef-xss/
modules usr/share/beef-xss/
config.yaml etc/beef-xss/
debian/scripts/beef-xss usr/bin/
debian/scripts/beef-xss-stop usr/bin/
## Colour for bash prompt
## Check if running as root
if [[ $EUID -ne 0 ]]; then
echo -e "${RED}[-]${RESET} This script must be ${RED}run as root${RESET}" 1>&2
exit 1
## Stop service
systemctl stop beef-xss
## Check service status
systemctl --no-pager status beef-xss
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