Commit b86f663f authored by Sophie Brun's avatar Sophie Brun

Update Kali script to test Default credentials

parent d44f6005
......@@ -16,6 +16,15 @@ fi
PORT=$(ruby -ryaml -e "print YAML.load_file('/etc/beef-xss/config.yaml')['beef']['http']['port']")
## Check if we are using default credentials
USER=$(ruby -ryaml -e "print YAML.load_file('/etc/beef-xss/config.yaml')['beef']['credentials']['user']")
PASSWD=$(ruby -ryaml -e "print YAML.load_file('/etc/beef-xss/config.yaml')['beef']['credentials']['passwd']")
if [[ $USER = "beef" ]] && [[ $PASSWD = "beef" ]]; then
echo -e "${RED}[-]${RESET} You are using the ${RED}Default credentials${RESET}"
echo -e "${RED}[-]${RESET} Please change user and/or passwd in /etc/beef-xss/config.yaml"
exit 1
## Check if something is already on the port
if lsof -Pi :${PORT} -sTCP:LISTEN -t >/dev/null ; then
echo -e "${YELLOW}[i]${RESET} Something is already using port: ${PORT}/tcp"
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