Commit 66fc892d authored by Devon Kearns's avatar Devon Kearns

Imported new upstream release 1.5.2

parent 668f0d32
aapt apktool apktool.jar usr/share/apktool/
apktool.jar usr/share/apktool/
debian/helper-script/* usr/bin/
apktool (1.5.2-1kali0) kali; urgency=low
* Imported new upstream release
-- Devon Kearns <> Wed, 08 Jan 2014 07:11:03 -0700
apktool (1.4.3-1kali6) kali; urgency=low
* Added watch file (Closes: 0000848)
cd /usr/share/apktool/ && ./apktool "$@"
cd /usr/share/apktool/ && java -jar apktool.jar "$@"
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