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      Add usage to build.sh · ff9cbea8
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      Add kali compat image · 2fa6a33f
      Arnaud Rebillout authored
      At the moment, this image is identical to kali-last-release. It's there
      for compatibility. Soon we'll deprecate it.
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      Image-based build · 06ab17eb
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      At a first glance, it might seem that this commit is just renaming
      'distro' to 'image'. But there's a bit more to it.
      Up to now, we've been building *one container image per distro*. The
      argument for each script was the distro, and then for each distro
      corresponded an image.  The image name was equal to the distro name, the
      only special case being the distro 'kali-last-snapshot', mapped to the
      image 'kali'.
      With this commit, we reverse this logic: we build different images, and
      it just happens that to each image corresponds a distro. The argument
      for each script is now the image, and the script deduces the distro from
      the image name, if needed. Actually, only the script build-rootfs.sh
      needs to know the distro, in order to debootstrap. All the other scripts
      don't care, they just deal with images.
      Why this change? First, it makes things simpler. We don't need to have
      an IMAGE variable in the conf files anymore, since IMAGE is now part of
      the conf filename.
      This commit also prepares fo...
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      docker-push-manifest: Delete local manifests after pushing it · 8ba59b92
      Arnaud Rebillout authored
      Not needed when running on GitLab CI, but definitely needed for local
      runs. Otherwise we'll leave manifests around, and in the next run, new
      images will be added alongside old ones in the existing manifests,
      instead of creating new manifests.
      Another approach could be to create the manifest with 'create' instead
      of always running 'create --amend', in docker-push.sh. I *guess* it
      would delete an existing manifest, if any? But that would be so awkward,
      as it's not possible to create an empty manifest. So when we loop on
      architectures, we need a special case for the first iter of the loop,
      where we do 'manifest create', then in the next iterations we'll do
      'manifest create --amend'... So awkward.
      Local manifests are a bit of a mysterious thing, because there's simply
      no way to list them via the cli, so it's very easy to forget that it
      exists: https://stackoverflow.com/a/67406040/776208
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