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# SiBoLo
Simple Bootloader
# SiBoLo - Simple Bootloader
This is a simple single staged bootloader for fat12 formatted floppys, which could be configured to load a single file from the floppy.
## How to build?
Make shure you have nasm and gcc installed, the simply run `$ make`
## How to use?
Create a floppy image, then mount it and copy your second stage on it. For example
$ mkfs.msdos -C -v floppy.flp 1440
$ losetup loop0 floppy.flp
$ mkdir -p loop_mount
$ mount -t vfat -o loop /dev/loop0 loop_mount/
$ cp MYCOOLOS.BIN loop_mount/
$ sync
$ umount loop_mount
$ rm -R -f loop_mount
$ losetup -D
After that, write the bootloader on it and configure it to load *MYCOOLOS.BIN*
`$ ./install_sibolo bootloader.bin floppy.flp MYCOOLOS.BIN`
**Attention: because of the limits of the fat12 filesystem, the name of your second stage sould not exceed 8 bytes and the file name extension should not exceed 3 bytes.**
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