Commit 3447a16e authored by Rafał Malinowski's avatar Rafał Malinowski

hints: #2922 fixed: invalid images on Windows

Signed-off-by: Rafał Malinowski's avatarRafał Przemysław Malinowski <>
parent 71de82ee
+++ version 2.0-alpha3
* docking: #2921 done: change tooltip text on Windows (Vogel)
* hints: #2922 fixed: invalid images on Windows (Vogel)
+++ version 2.0-alpha2
* windows: #2858 fixed: blinking main window on Kadu exit (Vogel)
......@@ -140,8 +140,9 @@ void BuddyInfoPanel::update()
Syntax = SyntaxList::readSyntax("infopanel", syntaxFile,
"<table><tr><td><img width=\"32\" height=\"32\" align=\"left\" valign=\"top\" src=\"file:///@{x-office-address-book:32x32}\"></td><td> "
"<table><tr><td><img width=\"32\" height=\"32\" align=\"left\" valign=\"top\" src=\"@{x-office-address-book:32x32}\"></td><td> "
"<div align=\"left\"> [<b>%a</b>][ (%u)] [<br>tel.: %m][<br>IP: %i]</div></td></tr></table> <hr> <b>%s</b> [<br>%d]");
Syntax = Syntax.remove("file:///");
if (Application::instance()->configuration()->deprecatedApi()->readBoolEntry("Look", "PanelVerticalScrollbar"))
......@@ -100,9 +100,9 @@ HintManager::HintManager(QObject *parent) :
"<td width=\"100%\">"
"[<div><img height=\"16\" width=\"16\" src=\"file:///#{statusIconPath}\">&nbsp;&nbsp;%u</div>]"
"[<div><img height=\"16\" width=\"16\" src=\"file:///@{phone:16x16}\">&nbsp;&nbsp;%m</div>]"
"[<div><img height=\"16\" width=\"16\" src=\"file:///@{mail-message-new:16x16}\">&nbsp;&nbsp;%e</div>]"
"[<div><img height=\"16\" width=\"16\" src=\"#{statusIconPath}\">&nbsp;&nbsp;%u</div>]"
"[<div><img height=\"16\" width=\"16\" src=\"@{phone:16x16}\">&nbsp;&nbsp;%m</div>]"
"[<div><img height=\"16\" width=\"16\" src=\"@{mail-message-new:16x16}\">&nbsp;&nbsp;%e</div>]"
......@@ -493,10 +493,8 @@ void HintManager::prepareOverUserHint(QFrame *tipFrame, QLabel *tipLabel, Talkab
QString text = Parser::parse(Application::instance()->configuration()->deprecatedApi()->readEntry("Hints", "MouseOverUserSyntax"), talkable, ParserEscape::HtmlEscape);
/* Dorr: the file:// in img tag doesn't generate the image on hint.
* for compatibility with other syntaxes we're allowing to put the file://
* so we have to remove it here */
text = text.remove("file://");
// file:/// is added by parser where required
text = text.remove("file:///");
while (text.endsWith(QLatin1String("<br/>")))
text.resize(text.length() - 5 /* 5 == QString("<br/>").length()*/);
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