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    build: Update kadu.desktop file · 430e0004
    Bartosz Brachaczek authored
    1. Change GenericName from "Instant Messenger" to "Internet Messenger".
       This name better matches Polish name "Komunikator internetowy" and
       it's what is used by Pidgin.
    2. Set Comment to something more descriptive. Pidgin and GNOME apps use
       similar descriptions in Comment, and some KDE apps as well (though
       KDE Menu doesn't seem to make any use of Comment anyways). Polish
       translation is also aligned with current KDE and GNOME conventions.
    3. Provide a GNOME-friendly name by means of X-GNOME-FullName.
    4. Honor CMAKE_INSTALL_BINDIR in Exec.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarBartosz Brachaczek <b.brachaczek@gmail.com>
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