Commit 5d90ad28 authored by Kaashif Hymabaccus's avatar Kaashif Hymabaccus

add random block diag info testing

parent f8d24168
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......@@ -140,6 +140,26 @@ TestCanonicalDecomposition@ := function(rep, decomp, args...)
# test full BlockDiagonalRepresentation{Fast, Parallel} info
TestBlockDiagonalRepresentation@ := function(rep, info)
local conds, A;
A := TransposedMat(info.basis);
conds := [];
Add(conds, TestIrreducibleDecomposition@(rep, info.decomposition));
Add(conds, TestCentralizerBasis@(rep, List(info.centralizer_basis, blocks -> A * BlockDiagonalMatrix(blocks) * A^-1)));
if ForAll(conds, x->x) then
return true;
Error("test failed!");
return false;
# takes a function f : random representation -> boolean and tests it
# on n random representations
TestMany@ := function(f, n)
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