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# Correctness checks, so we can see if our decompositions, centralizer
# bases, etc are correct
# Generate a random representation of a random group
RandomRepresentation@ := function()
# smallgrp has groups of order at most 2000 except 1024
size := Random(Concatenation([1..1023], [1025..2000]));
id := Random([1..NrSmallGroups(size)]);
G := SmallGroup(size, id);
irreps := IrreducibleRepresentations(G);
# we pick 2 of the same irrep and 1 other for some variety
irrep1 := Random(irreps);
irrep2 := Random(irreps);
rho := DirectSumRepList([irrep1, irrep1, irrep2]);
n := DegreeOfRepresentation(rho);
# scramble the basis to avoid it being too easy
A := RandomInvertibleMat(n);
rho := ComposeHomFunction(rho, x -> A^-1 * x * A);
# We know some things about rho without needing to compute them
# the long way. We return them for use in testing.
# centralizer basis
centralizer_basis := [rec(dimension := DegreeOfRepresentation(irrep1),
nblocks := 2),
rec(dimension := DegreeOfRepresentation(irrep2),
nblocks := 1)];
centralizer_basis := List(SizesToBlocks@(centralizer_basis), BlockDiagonalMatrix);
# put them in the scrambled basis
centralizer_basis := List(centralizer_basis, M -> A^-1 * M * A);
isomorphism_type := [rec(rep := irrep1, m := 2),
rec(rep := irrep2, m := 1)];
return rec(rep := rho,
isomorphism_type := isomorphism_type,
centralizer_basis := centralizer_basis,
G := G);
# checks if the given centralizer basis is correct
TestCentralizerBasis@ := function(rep, cent_basis)
local correct_basis, C1, C2;
correct_basis := rep.centralizer_basis;
C1 := VectorSpace(Cyclotomics, correct_basis);
C2 := VectorSpace(Cyclotomics, cent_basis);
return C1 = C2;
# checks if decomp is a decomposition into G-invariant subspaces
TestInvariantDecomposition@ := function(rep, decomp)
local rho, G;
rho := rep.rep;
G := Source(rho);
return ForAll(decomp, V -> IsGInvariant(G, rho, V));
# checks some necessary conditions for decomp to be the full
# irreducible (collected) decomposition of rho
TestIrreducibleDecomposition@ := function(rep, decomp)
local rho, G, conds;
rho := rep.rep;
conds := [];
# must be an invariant decomposition
Add(conds, TestInvariantDecomposition@(rep, Flat(decomp)));
# we know the degrees and isomorphism type, so we know the
# dimensions and the lengths of lists we should have
# same number of irrep types found
Add(conds, Length(decomp) = Length(rep.isomorphism_type));
# same number of irreps in total, with same dimension
Add(conds, SortedList(List(Flat(decomp), Dimension)) =
t -> Replicate@(DegreeOfRepresentation(t.rep),
# we can't really verify correctness fully without doing the
# calculation ourselves I think
# TODO: add some more necessary conditions
return ForAll(conds, x->x);
# same as irreducible decomp, these are only necessary conditions
# for correctness
TestCanonicalDecomposition@ := function(rep, decomp)
local conds;
conds := [];
# needs to be a G-invariant decomp
Add(conds, TestInvariantDecomposition@(rep, decomp));
# same number of irrep types found
Add(conds, Length(decomp) = Length(rep.isomorphism_type));
# right dimensions
Add(conds, SortedList(List(decomp, Dimension)) =
t -> DegreeOfRepresentation(t.rep)*t.m)));
return ForAll(conds, x->x);
......@@ -11,3 +11,4 @@ ReadPackage( "RepnDecomp", "lib/");
ReadPackage( "RepnDecomp", "lib/");
ReadPackage( "RepnDecomp", "lib/");
ReadPackage( "RepnDecomp", "lib/" );
ReadPackage( "RepnDecomp", "lib/" );
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