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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<presets xmlns=""
description="My custom presets">
<group name="Facilities">
<group name="Public Building">
<!-- this preset is built upon the approved schema of Tag:office=diplomatic, and, secondarily, also respects tags being in the process of deprecation: Tag:amenity=embassy -->
<item icon="presets/service/embassy.svg" type="node,closedway,multipolygon" description="Inspired by"
name="Mission or parastatal entity">
<label icon="presets/service/embassy.svg"
text="Mission or parastatal entity" />
<space />
<key key="amenity" value="embassy" /><!-- legacy; in process of deprecation -->
<key key="office" value="diplomatic" />
<combo key="country" values_from="java.util.Locale#getISOCountries"
text="Country code for sending country or organization" />
<combo key="target" values_from="java.util.Locale#getISOCountries"
text="Country code for accrediting country or organization" />
<text key="name"
text="Official name of the mission (w/o location, language of accrediting country)" />
<combo key="diplomatic"
text="Type of diplomatic institution">
<list_entry value="embassy"
display_value="Embassy or diplomatic mission" />
<list_entry value="consulate"
display_value="Consulate" />
<list_entry value="liaison"
display_value="Liaison office" />
<space />
<!-- TODO extract this into a sub-item -->
text="If diplomatic=embassy:" />
<combo key="embassy"
text="Type of embassy or diplomatic mission">
<list_entry value="yes"
display_value="Embassy, headed by an ambassador" />
<list_entry value="branch_embassy"
display_value="Branch of an embassy, headed by a diplomat below ambassadorial rank" />
<list_entry value="delegation"
display_value="Delegation, headed by an ambassador" />
<list_entry value="high_commission"
display_value="High commission, headed by a high commissioner" />
<list_entry value="interests_section"
display_value="Diplomatic mission sent under a protecting power, signed as an 'interests section' and headed by a 'principal officer'" />
<list_entry value="mission"
display_value="Diplomatic mission to or from a multilateral organization such as the United Nations" />
<list_entry value="nunciature"
display_value="Diplomatic mission from the Vatican, headed by a nuncio" />
<list_entry value="residence"
display_value="Official residence of an ambassador or other diplomatic chief of mission" />
<space />
<!-- TODO extract this into a sub-item -->
text="If diplomatic=consulate:" />
<combo key="consulate"
text="Type of consulate">
<list_entry value="yes"
display_value="Consulate headed by a consul" />
<list_entry value="consular_agency"
display_value="Only consular services to citizens of the sending country (no visa services)" />
<list_entry value="consular_office"
display_value="Limited consular services" />
<list_entry value="consulate_general"
display_value="Consulate general, headed by a 'consul general'" />
<list_entry value="honorary_consul"
display_value="Office of a host-country national who offers limited services on behalf of a foreign country" />
<space />
<!-- TODO extract this into a sub-item -->
text="If diplomatic=liaison:" />
<combo key="liaison"
text="Type of diplomatic liaison office">
<list_entry value="liaison_office"
display_value="Unaccredited diplomatic office of a country lacking full diplomatic recognition by the host country" />
<list_entry value="representative_office"
display_value="Unaccredited diplomatic office of a government-in-exile" />
<list_entry value="subnational"
display_value="Non-diplomatic office abroad of a subnational (provincial or state) government" />
<text key="short_name"
text="Colloquial name (w/o location, language of accrediting country)" />
<!-- the precursory property is not mentioned in the Tag:office=diplomatic schema -->
text="Services offered:" />
<check key="diplomatic:services:non-immigrant_visas"
text="Non-immigrant visas (e.g. tourist or visitor visas) available" />
<check key="diplomatic:services:immigrant_visas"
text="Immigrant or permanent residence visas available" />
<check key="diplomatic:services:citizen_services"
text="Passport and other document services for citizens of the sending country" />
<space />
<link wiki="Tag:office=diplomatic" />
<!--link wiki="Key:diplomatic" />
<link wiki="Key:embassy" />
<link wiki="Key:consulate" />
<link wiki="Key:liaison" /-->
<preset_link preset_name="Embassy" /><!-- legacy; in process of deprecation -->
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