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  • v4.1.0   v4.1.0: New fonts, new features, and complete back-end rewrite v4.1.0 is a feature release for my website. Most noteworthy is the migration of my content from raw HTML (which Jekyll served) to more modular content, stored in Markdown, and then compiled and served By Jekyll. This makes my website significantly easier to maintain. Some other details worth noting: * New fonts used across home page * Old, archived sites now live in `archive/` * Archived sites have various broken links fixed * Move domain from `justinwflory.com` to `jwf.io` * Add `jekyll-sitemap` to build sitemaps along with the site * Fix misc. errors reported by Google and Bing webmaster tools
  • v4.0.0   v4.0.0: Initial launch of Jekyll-based personal website Woohoo! This is finally done. I have wanted to do this forever. My site is now a Jekyll-based static site. For now, it is a direct port of HTML and CSS from the v3.1.1 site, but the modularity and flexibility leveraged here by Jekyll is more aligned to what I always wanted my website to be like. v4.0.0 is a stepping stone to getting my site to something I am a little more proud of. All that high school tech debt is slowly getting paid off. 15 year old me would be proud.
  • v3.1.0   v3.1.0: Modularize nav, header, footer and update content Originally tagged 2018-03-25. Tag updated to use semantic versioning on 2020-03-14. No other changes.
  • v3.0.0   v3.0.0: First release of v3.0 of my website Originally tagged on 2018-03-25. Tag updated on 2020-03-14. Also the tag originally pointed at commit 5c2df834823b7c7576db3c34ca0cb2a62e2332c5, but commit bfa42d62d4fcb61270d60fb66a66be00b8333da8 actually describes the first commit of v3.0.0, which was an earlier commit. :shrug: Changelog ========= This gets a start and at least makes it look a little different. More additions will be made soon. Some things that changed: * Original, original version of the website moved to /v1/ * Previous version of the site moved to /v2/ * Fixed AP Exam Books URL * Permanently deleted the /music/ app * Other housework
  • v2.0.0   v2.0.0: Initial port of HTML to git This is the initial commit of v2.0.0 of my personal website. When this commit was pushed, I was maintaining the raw HTML source of my website on a server. So there was no version control tracking! Of course, when I first started developing my website, I was maybe 14 or 15, and just starting to figure out the whole Linux server and git stuff. But a little bit of historical context never hurt. :smile:
    bc765a0c · Initial commit ·
  • v3.1.1   v3.1.1: Where my website currently stands This is a release mostly motivated by the fact that I am starting to explore how to migrate my personal website to a Jekyll-based deployment. Jekyll will make it easier for me to manage this website over time instead of the ugly HTML that I am doing right now. So, this is a historical snapshot to remember for "some day".