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🆕 📝 Documentation: Add awesome-documentation, awesome-readmes

This commit adds some examples shared on the Sustain OSS Discourse
forum. These are good meta examples to share with Innovation Fund teams
for documentation examples. J.W.F. (he/him)'s avatarJustin W. Flory (he/him) <[email protected]>
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......@@ -15,9 +15,14 @@ It is a collection of good examples to inspire your own Open Source documentatio
The projects listed below aggregate several existing documentation projects:
*[*Awesome Documentation*]:
Community-curated resource with examples of great documentation in Open Source projects.
*[*Awesome Docs with Static Site Generators*]:
This repo is suppose to give you a bunch of links to themes or ready implementations of documentation portals.
They will help you to quickly get some good samples to play with a static site generator that you are interested with.
*[*Awesome READMEs*]:
A curated list of awesome READMEs.
Find the source content[on GitHub].
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