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## Beamer mtheme
The *mtheme* is a Beamer theme with minimal visual. The core design principles
of the theme were described in a [blog post](
Not convinced? Have a look at the [demo slides](demo.pdf).
### Installation
To install the theme either run `make install` or copy the style files ending
with `.sty` to the source files of your presentation. As of now, fonts, colors
and the section indicator are hardcoded into the theme. For the demo you need
* XeLaTeX,
* the [Fira Sans]( font,
* TikZ and
* the Python package [Pygments]( that you can get with `pip
install pygments`.
Depending on the Linux distribution, the packaged name of Fira Sans might be
`Fira Sans OT` instead of `Fira Sans`. In that case, you may have to edit
### Usage
To build the demo slides just run `make` in the top-level directory. To use this
theme with [Pandoc]( presentations, you
can run the following command
$ pandoc -t beamer --latex-engine=xelatex -V theme:m -o output.pdf
### Customization
#### Package options
The `usetitleprogressbar` option adds a thin progress bar similar to the section
progress bar underneath *each* frame title
In order to use `\cite`, `\ref` and similar commands in a frame title you have
to protect the title. This can be done automatically with the
`protectframetitle` option.
The `blockbg` option defines extra colors used in defining the blocks.
The blocks then have a gray background similar to other beamer themes.
By default, this package adds `\vspace{2em}` after the frametitle to
make content more centered on the frame. If using more content per
slide, this can be turned off at the package-level by passing the
`nooffset` option.
#### Commands
The `\plain{title=[]}{body}` command sets a slide in plain dark colors
which can be useful to focus attentation on a single image.
#### pgfplot styles
The beamer theme also contains pre-defined pgfplot styles. Use the `mlineplot`
key to plot line data and `mbarplot` or `horizontal mbarplot` to plot bar
### License
The theme itself is licensed under a [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
4.0 International License]( This
means that if you change the theme and re-distribute it, you *must* retain the
copyright notice header and license it under the same CC-BY-SA license. This
does not affect the presentation that you create with the theme.
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