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Improved clippy

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clippy.load('Clippy', function (agent) {
clippy.load('Clippy', function(agent) {
// Do anything with the loaded agent;
// play a given animation'Searching');
// move to the given point, use animation if available
agent.moveTo(window.innerWidth / 4 + Math.round(Math.random() * (window.innerWidth / 2)), window.innerHeight / 4 + Math.round(Math.random() * (window.innerHeight / 2)));
// play a random animation
// get a list of all the animations
// => ["MoveLeft", "Congratulate", "Hide", "Pleased", "Acknowledge", ...]
// Show text balloon
agent.speak('When all else fails, bind some paper together. My name is Clippy. I\'m here to help you.');
// move to the given point, use animation if available
agent.moveTo(100, 100);
// gesture at a given point (if gesture animation is available)
agent.gestureAt(200, 200);
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