Commit 146fe66b authored by Andy J's avatar Andy J

Merge branch 'SHOP-3206' into 'master'

do not typecast ordernumber (string) to int. SHOP-3206 #close

See merge request jtlshop/paypal!27
parents 5e254f7f 5bc5c49a
......@@ -540,7 +540,7 @@ class PayPalPlus extends PaymentMethod
public function preparePaymentProcess($order)
try {
$orderNumber = (int)$this->getCache('orderNumber');
$orderNumber = $this->getCache('orderNumber');
$paymentId = $this->getCache('paymentId');
$paymentData = $this->getCache('payment');
$payerId = $this->getCache('payerId');
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