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![Output custom variable](img/custom_variable_output.png)
CAUTION: **Important:**
Be aware that variables are not masked, and their values can be shown
in the job logs if explicitly asked to do so. If your project is public or
internal, you can set the pipelines private from your [project's Pipelines
Follow the discussion in issue [#13784][ce-13784] for masking the variables.
### Masked Variables
By default, variables will be created as masked variables.
This means that the value of the variable will be hidden in job logs,
though it must match certain requirements to do so:
- The value must be a single line.
- The value must not have escape characters.
- The value must not use variables.
- The value must not have any whitespace.
- The value must be at least 8 characters long.
If the value does not meet the requirements above, then the CI variable will fail to save.
In order to save, either alter the value to meet the masking requirements
or disable `Masked` for the variable.
### Syntax of environment variables in job scripts
{: #syntax-of-variables-in-job-scripts}
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