Commit e9a9bad2 authored by jim warner's avatar jim warner Committed by Craig Small

top: document an existing provision of pid monitoring

Since its inception top has provided for monitoring
only specific process ids via the -p command line
switch.  This provision has also embraced the top
process itself, even though its pid wasn't yet known.

This commit simply documents the special zero value,
which would otherwise be an invalid process id.
Signed-off-by: jim warner's avatarJim Warner <>
parent 09d67d5a
......@@ -302,6 +302,9 @@ This option can be given up to \*(WP times, or you can provide a comma delimited
list with up to \*(WP pids.
Co-mingling both approaches is permitted.
A pid value of zero will be treated as the process id of the \*(We program
itself once it is running.
This is a \*(CO only and should you wish to return to normal operation,
it is not necessary to quit and and restart \*(We \*(Em just issue any
of these \*(CIs: '=', 'u' or 'U'.
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