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Version ????
uptime give help if you use invalid chars Debian #93490
/proc/tty/drivers correctly parsed. Debian #108654
(Thanks russell*AT*
oldps doesn't FPE because of no shared mem Debian #101917
(Thanks David Murn <davey*AT*>)
Put most of the Debian diffs in.
ps no longer crashes if is %1024. Debian #109237
(Thanks Colin Walters)
libproc self buffer increased from 512 to 1024 bytes for
large number of groups. Debian #145085, #85775
w guesses the best process for the user better, good for samba and
some xdm session problems Debian #88758 (Thanks Eloy)
Recent changes:
designed to support Linux 2.0 through 2.5.41 and beyond
new top, with optional: color, windowing, SMP stats
runs faster
more "it crashes" bugs fixed
top shows IO-wait time
vmstat can show active/inactive memory stats
real-time info supported in ps
correct "ps -o size" and "ps --sort size"
new maintainers
reduced memory usage for ps
allow large PIDs to be specified
SELINUX support is just a recompile away
the "F" column shrank, so "ps -l" has more command name room
64-bit time reduces the overflow problem
support S/390, IA-64 emulator, and user-mode Linux
oldps is gone
configure script -- use "make -f Makefile.noam" as a backup
"w" program better at determining what a user is doing
more stable
code at now (SourceForge)
Earlier changes, for those not using Debian already:
more stable
runs faster
-F format option
better error reporting in ps for unknown format specifiers
BSD's sysctl options -b and -X
top displays well on large-memory systems
old BSD-style select-by-PID ("ps l$$")
15-character user names
ps 'f' ASCII art forest fixed
add SIGSYS on i386
top reports real RSS value
large-memory systems work
minimal ps program for embedded systems (minimal.c)
BSD personality process selection fixed
support locale (French) with ',' and '.' mixed up
pgrep program
includes the "kill" and "nice" programs
don't chop non-tty ps output at 80 columns
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