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    build-sys: take autotools in use again · 06d491f9
    Sami Kerola authored
    This will revert change at Oct 2002 when autotools support was
    Unlike before the package developers are expected to use
    ./autogen.sh to generate ./configure script, and run make after
    that. The build system is also able to create, with make dist, a
    tar ball release which compiles correctly, and has files which
    seemed to be important to have.
    The patch removes few unnecessary files, but no everything. Files
    procps.lsm and procps.spec in git repository are useless as is,
    but I left them lying around for someone who can make more
    justified call about removal of them.
    Last, but not least package version number is set 3.3.0 to
    distinct this procps from the sourceforge's upstream procps.
    Please notice that libproc relese is kept as 3.2.8.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSami Kerola <kerolasa@iki.fi>
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