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new email, new lusers, & bug off

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......@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ T}
Selection criteria can be: terminal, user, pid, command.
The options below may be used to ensure correct interpretation.
Do not blame Albert for this interesting interface.
l l.
-t The next argument is a terminal (tty or pty).
......@@ -99,14 +100,14 @@ lB lB
lfCW l.
Command Description
snice netscape crack +7 Slow down netscape and crack
snice seti crack +7 Slow down seti and crack
skill -KILL -v /dev/pts/* Kill users on new-style PTY devices
skill -STOP torvalds davem tytso Stop 3 users
skill -STOP viro lm davem Stop 3 users
snice -17 root bash Give priority to root's shell
top(1) kill(1) renice(1) nice(1)
killall(1) pkill(1) kill(1) renice(1) nice(1)
No standards apply.
......@@ -114,4 +115,4 @@ No standards apply.
Albert Cahalan <> wrote skill and snice in 1999 as a
replacement for a non-free version, and is the current maintainer of the
procps collection. Please send bug reports to <>
procps collection. Please send bug reports to <>.
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