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      Merge branch 'encrypt-user-data' into 'develop' · 98abc591
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      User private key and name now encrpyted and stored
      See merge request !25
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      User private key and name now encrpyted and stored · 89de5048
      J. R. Swab authored
      Satisfies issues #8 and #22
      With ther creation of cryptIt.py we can now store the users' data in the directory with the ipfs data. This way the user does not have to put in their private posting key every time they spin up the nebulus docker image. All they need is to remember a unique password. That password is than hashd with SHA512, trimmed to 32 bytes, and then used as the key to encrypt and decrypt their account data.
      This merge also adds an updated Dockerfile for faster dev builds, changes to broadcast.py to decrpyt the user data, and start.sh for a starting point to executing everything upon entry.
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      Merge branch 'b-21-forming_the_loop' into 'develop' · 35de91f1
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      Address #21
      See merge request !24
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      Moved files up one directory · 044aff40
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      This was done to keep the total number of directories from becoming too deep. May have to move all the modules up one directory as well.
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