Commit 2d8b60c5 authored by Jeronimo Pellegrini's avatar Jeronimo Pellegrini

new version is 1.4.7

parent 45dd2ac0
......@@ -10,6 +10,15 @@ C: bugfixes and cleanups
(This was not the case until 0.0.3)
1.4.7 - 24 May 2017
* put correct version in spartns.asd file
* fix GCL compatibility. it seems that GCL does not accept
a DECLARE statement inside a SYMBOL-MACROLET when the
SYMBOL-MACROLET itself is inside a LOOP. My interpretation
of the spec is different, but -- anyway, I have disabled
the DECLARE in do-traverse-cvector for now (for GCL only)
1.4.6 - 23 May 2017
* inclulde maunal.pdf in package
(asdf:defsystem spartns
:name "spartns"
:version "1.4.4"
:version "1.4.7"
:maintainer "Jeronimo C. Pellegrini"
:author "Jeronimo C. Pellegrini"
:licence "LLGPL"
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