Commit 621a325a authored by Jeronimo Pellegrini's avatar Jeronimo Pellegrini mencion ABCL

parent da5ee9f9
......@@ -152,6 +152,7 @@ Currently available packages on this repository:
### Failed attempts (will eventually try again):
* [ABCL]( (the only JVM available for LibreCMC/OpenWRT is [JamVM]( -- but only [GNU Classpath]( is available on OpenWRT, and it does not support Java 1.6, which ABCL needs)
* [Clisp]( (needs [libsigsegv]( working on it -- I tried packaging libsigsegv itself, but [there is a problem]( )
* [Cyclone]( (neither [libck]( nor [libtommath]( are available in LibreCMC or OpenWRT -- would have to package those first)
* [ECL]( (libraries used by ECL seem to be interacting in a strange way -- still investigating)
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