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# Wiki
The purpose of this file is to add some additional documentation of how
to use this API client.
* [Test examples](#test-examples)
* [How to upload files](#file-uploads)
* [Asynchronous functions](#asynchronous-functions)
## Test examples
Here some test examples to follow:
* [Get API instance](test/
* [Login](test/ with your location
account id and password.
* [Test unauthenticated method](test/
this test points to `/jsonApiServer/version`, accessible without auth.
* [Test authenticated method](test/
points to `/rsGxsChannels/getChannelsSummaries`, needed auth.
* Create channel
[with deprecated method](test/
and [v2 method](test/
* [Get channels info](test/
* [Add shared directory](test/
* [Create a post with files](test/
this have also an example of how to loop through channel summaries.
## File uploads
For file uploads you have two ways:
1. [Add shared directory](test/
and then play with `/rsFiles/getSharedDirectories`,
`/rsFiles/setSharedDirectories` and `/rsFiles/addSharedDirectory` to
get the SHA1 generated by RetroShare. Otherwise you can generate your
own SHA1 following the example on the test
[create a post with files](test/
2. Add an independent file playing with `/rsFiles/ExtraFileHash` and
## Asynchronous functions
Not yet supported, see .
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