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    bug: 2269 - adding a perltidyrc file · c0279eab
    Andrew Moore authored
    This patch adds xt/perltidyrc, a suggested perltidy configuration file.
    It's in the xt directory because I'd like to eventually tie it in with Test::Perl::Critic
    to run automated tests on tidyness and other Perl::Critic policies. That stuff belongs in
    the xt directory since it's testing for developers use only.
    I have only turned on a few directives based on the suggestions by MJ, historical discussion on
    the mailing lists, and what I was told when I started contributing to koha. There are many other
    directives in this file that are commented out. They are supposed to represent the defaults and
    can be adjusted in the future if desired.
    Use of this file is encouraged, but not required. It would be really nice if you could at least run
    it on new files that you contribute. I would recommend not running it on files that are already
    part of koha without writing some tests for those files and discussing your intentions to reformat
    entire files in bulk.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJoshua Ferraro <jmf@liblime.com>
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