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# staRt encryption guide
## Step 0: Setup
You should only have to do this step once. For subsequent uses, you should be able to skip this step. If you ever find anything looking weird or wonky, run this step again.
To get the files, run the following command:
git clone
Check that you have a folder called node_modules and it should have 37 various folders inside it. **If it doesn't exist or it doesn't have 37 subfolders** then run this command:
npm install
You should have private.pem and public.pem in the folder. If you don't, find them and place them in the folder. If you've lost them, Jon might have a copy.
## Step 1: Decrypting a file
Place your file in the same folder as the code. I **highly recommend** renaming it to something simple to type, like 7a.flac Run the following command:
node decrypt.js
You will be prompted for:
private key filename -- this will almost always be private.pem
input filename -- this will be what you renamed the file to, like 7a.flac
output filename -- I recommend using a variation of the filename, like d_7a.flac
Enter PEM pass phrase -- this is the password used originally to create the private.pem and public.pem files. Only Tara knows this.
You should be done!
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