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Clean up installation instructions.

There can be no better time than just after a fresh installation.
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Solver of a specific problem about Girls' Frontline, a mobile game.
# Features
* Cross-platform
* Supports HOCs below 5 stars
* Supports chips below 5 stars and of any shape
* Supports leaving some holes
* (TODO) Import chips from images
* (TODO) Import/exports chips from/to other formats
# Supported Platforms
I'm developing this on Linux.
The app should run on Windows and Mac too,
but expect some platform-specific bugs until I release this on NGA.
# Installation
1. Install PyGObject.
2. Install GtkSourceView 4.
(It's a dependency of gedit, so it's likely installed anyway.)
3. Install the remaining dependencies in requirement.txt.
(The specified versions are just the ones I currently use.
Feel free to ignore it as long as the app doesn't break.)
# Usage
* `python3 -m chipcalc` for CLI version
* `python3 -m chipcalc.gtk` for GTK+ version
pip install -r requirements.txt
ortools >= 7.0.6546
openpyxl >= 2.6.2
numpy >= 1.16.3
opencv-python-headless >=
PyGObject >= 3.32.1
pycairo >= 1.18.0
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