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    Exclude mock files from coverage reporting · 52a91d9e
    Tomasz Maczukin authored
    Runner's codebase contains a lot of mock files. They are used only for
    tests and not for the production use.
    Unfortunately, because the files are not named as *_test.go - to allow
    use the mocks in tests outside of the mock source package - they are
    counted to the coverage report.
    We're using https://github.com/vektra/mockery to automatically generate
    mock files basing on interfaces. Mockery is creating mocks, that
    accept both scalar values as well as functions that accept mocked method
    argumets and returns mocked method result. However, we're mostly not
    using this mocking mechanism.
    Finally this ends in a lot of mocks code being not covered in test,
    which decreases the overall coverage value. While we're totally not
    interested in having coverage for mocks!
    This commit aims to remove all mocks from the coverage profile file,
    which should remove them from both percentage value calculation and the
    HTML/jUnit reports.
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