Commit 8d84c275 authored by Steve Azzopardi's avatar Steve Azzopardi

Remove unused bash scripts

These bash commands are not longer user by GitLab Runner.

reference #4013
parent a82377e8
set -x
for path in $@; do
chmod 777 "$path"
host=$(env | grep -m1 _TCP_ADDR | cut -d = -f 2)
port=$(env | grep -m1 _TCP_PORT | cut -d = -f 2)
if [ -z "$host" ] || [ -z "$port" ]; then
echo "No HOST or PORT"
exit 1
echo -n "waiting for TCP connection to $host:$port..."
while ! nc -w 1 $host $port 2>/dev/null
echo -n .
sleep 1
echo 'ok'
......@@ -321,14 +321,13 @@ After the service is started, GitLab Runner waits some time for the service to
be responsive. Currently, the Docker executor tries to open a TCP connection to
the first exposed service in the service container.
You can see how it is implemented by checking [this script][service-file].
You can see how it is implemented by checking this [Go command](
## The builds and cache storage
The Docker executor by default stores all builds in
`/builds/<namespace>/<project-name>` and all caches in `/cache` (inside the
You can overwrite the `/builds` and `/cache` directories by defining the
`builds_dir` and `cache_dir` options under the `[[runners]]` section in
`config.toml`. This will modify where the data are stored inside the container.
......@@ -616,7 +615,6 @@ This executor is no longer maintained and will be removed in the near future.
[toml]: ../commands/
[alpine linux]:
[secpull]: ../security/
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