Commit 13e00a6c authored by josé bollo's avatar josé bollo

Allows names with special character at the begin

This commit implements the convention that

  {{\name}} is equivalent to {{name}}

even when names begins with one of the special characters
of mustache: #^/{&!>

Change-Id: I4c93e5b8af301f77bb88cdb0a51474bd4af24b0d
parent 80e6bee3
......@@ -104,6 +104,7 @@ static int process(const char *template, struct mustach_itf *itf, void *closure,
case '/':
case '&':
case '>':
case '\\':
beg++; len--;
while (len && isspace(beg[0])) { beg++; len--; }
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