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An Embedded Hardware Description Language using Dependent Types.
This repository contains the Agda source code of the Π-Ware project,
developed as doctoral research by [João Paulo Pizani Flor at Utrecht University](
Here you can only find source code. To consult more documentation and context about the project, go to its [root repository](
To make the Π-Ware library available for use with your projects
you must follow the usual [Agda Library Managament conventions](
Namely, you must append a line with the path to the `piware.agda-lib` in this directory into your `$HOME/.agda/libraries` file.
Then, you can either pass the `-l piware` flag to the `agda` command any time you want to perform typechecking,
or you can append a line saying `piware` into your `$HOME/.agda/defaults` file.
Lastly, there is a module under `src` called `WholeLibrary.lagda`, which imports all other modules in the project.
You can typecheck this module as a sort of quick sanity check for the whole library.
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