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jsonschema EXTRAAA!!!
jsonschema EXTRAAA!!! [![NPM version][npm-image]][npm-url]
**Extends jsonschema validator with some common custom types and attributes**
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### v1.0.0 (27 Sep 2014)
- Changed public API
- Changed public API - jsonschema is no longer a dependency. This lets jsonschema to be updated in userland without this module requiring an update.
- Name of module changed to jsonschema-extra
- Removed conditionalEnum custom attribute since this has been fixed in the latest versions of jsonschema
- Removed `speed` type
### v0.1.0 (24 June 2014)
- Changed namespace to `js` from `ht`
### v0.0.2 (24 June 2014)
- Removed dependency on `mongoskin`
- Added some tests
- Removed shrinkwrap
### v0.0.1 (24 June 2014)
- Initial commit
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